I am an mostly self-taught artist, born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1985.

Handicrafts have been close to my heart from the very beginning. I love creating new. Renovating old, working and experimenting. Learning from a mistake and accident.

I have been a member of Itä-Helsingin Taideseura (East Helsinki’s art association) since 2005, though not always have I been that active. Different kinds of short art courses are also part of my life.

In 2010 I became Art Clay Silver teacher. I currently work at home as an Art Clay Silver artisan.

Since I love doing arts, I thought I would share my work with the world. I would just love to get any kind of feedback so please stop by and leave a comment.

Also, the one working behind the pen name/alias Zyri Frost is called Kirsi Lehtosaari.


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